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Education & Research

Anthra's community-led action research projects provide an organic link to the diverse livestock-rearing and farming communities we work with and help these communities:

  • Articulate problems which need to be addressed.
  • Document and develop different strategies and approaches that strengthen their livestock-rearing practices.
  • Safeguard and sustain livelihoods systems based on the locally available resources and bio diversity.
    Our research feeds into our documentation, publications, training programmes and advocacy work. On principle and as a policy, Anthra ensures that its research does not compromise the rights of communities to their livelihoods, knowledge systems and biodiversity. We do not patent the positive results of any research and firmly believe that such results should be disseminated and used by as large a number of farmers, pastoralists and livestock owners as possible.
  • Important projects implemented to date include:

  • Indigenous Knowledge in Animal Health (IKAH project)
  • Documentation of traditional feeds and fodders (Fodder Project)
  • In-situ conservation of the Aseel Poultry Breed by adivasi communities of East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh
  • Validation of herbal medicines by healers and health workers and applications for their wider use and availability by local communities
  • Local livestock diversity; Dangi cattle, Deccani sheep, Osmanabadi and Kanchu meka goat.