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Facilty Resource

Over the years WARD has collected a considerable amount of data and information, mainly related to livestock production systems especially within the Indian context. This information has been collated and indexed and is available at our resource centers in both physical and "virtual" forms. We also have biodiversity parks where medicinal plants, fodder varieties, local breeds of livestock are available.

Information and data is available on:

  • Livestock and livestock production systems
  • Livestock breeds
  • Livestock health and disease
  • Livestock management, housing,, breeding, nutrition
  • Livestock policy
  • Livestock economics
  • Fodder crops
  • Indigenous Knowledge especially pertaining to livestock, agriculture and forests
  • Medicinal Plants, their uses in Livestock health, Crop health and Human health
  • Biodiversity
  • Community-based initiatives to protect and conserve bio-diversity and strengthen livelihoods
  • Gender studies
    Information is available in the form of Books, Reports, Published Papers, Computerized Databases and Directories, Slides, Photographs, Herbariums, Cassettes, CDs, Movies, Charts, Educational Material and Training Aids.
  • Library
    There are two libraries located at our offices in Pune and Hyderabad. There are over 2000 books available in the libraries besides reports, journals, weeklys, CD's and movies.

    Facilities Available
    The Libraries have a reference section and reading areas which are open to the public. Books cannot be borrowed out. Xerox facilities are available on request for special cases.

    Monday to Friday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.