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Go Vigyan Kendra

WARD Foundation(Wild life conservation and Agro Rural development Foundation ) Establishing of Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra in Nimboli, Dhamangaon Rly , Amaravati, For the befits to society
Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra is an needed dedicated for research and development of Pancha-Gavya (five products/yealds like urine dung etc.) The works mainly include production of fertilizers, pesticides and Medicines prepared from Pancha Gavya (cow yeilds). The institution is also striving to protect cows from slaughter.Institution has gained a U.S.Patent for its products- Kamadhenu Arka (procesed medicine).

The utility of cow dung, cow urine & other gavyas of Panchgavya are being investigated by using modern tools in term of relevant scientific research. The findings are re-establishing the lost glory of cattle and its utility for mankind. All the interested scientists and research scholars are requested to participate in this noble cause.
Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra is devoted to research and development on role of cow and its progeny in betterment of human life. The institution will providing successful in proving scientifically the utility of Panchgavya (cow dung, urine, milk, curd, ghee, buttermilk) in agriculture, human health and animal health as well as in the preparation of utility products beneficial to all sections of the society.

Establishment of GVAK
The Go-Vigyan Anusnadhan Kendra assumed a role to assess and re-establish the scientific basis of eco-friendly productivity based on cow and its progeny practiced India successfully for centuries. A departure from this tradition following adopting western paradigm resulted Indian population confronting with the following calamities

  • More than 0.25 million farmers committed suicide in last 10 years.
  • Steep increase in barren Land up to 10-15% of cultivable land.
  • More than 0.2 million farmers / their children / neighbors, die or severely affected due to pesticide spraying.
  • The ground water level has gone down and 264 districts have come in dark zone.
  • Loss of biodiversity due to mechanized & chemical farming.
  • Global warming, ecological destruction, damages to ozone layer, green-house gases have occurred due to indiscriminate use of chemicals.
  • Almost every house hold has one or more patients suffering from environmentally influenced diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart troubles, renal failures, depression, cancer, asthma.
  • 1. Govt. is converting almost 0.7 million acres of fertile agriculture land into cement concrete jungles (i.e. Industry & Colonies) every year creating joblessness for millions of people.

    2. Only 1% of total expenditure is spent on development of agriculture.

    3. Multinationals command 50% of seed business.

    4. Ground water policy incompatible with agriculture water use.

    Cattle protection and their proper utility up to natural death will solve these grave problems faced by the society.

    Cow dung and urine have now proved to be prime rich resource base which has been clearly said in ancient text "Gomaye Vaste Laxmi". Westerners adopted a different paradigm, namely "Doodhmaye Vaste Laxmi" implying that. the milk is the only valuable product from cow. This has given rise to the thought that if cow is not yielding milk, it is unproductive and fit for culling or Slaughter, This demonstrate their reductionist thought contrary to our ancient "Rishis" who propagated integrated and holistic practices based on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge commiserating with nature.

    Need of the time

    Cow and its progeny are precious national property, heritage and resource base. The respect and worship that cows command in Indian Societies cannot be without the immense role they play in the well being of the communities.
    The environment and productivity of cow and its progeny are established and accepted facts for over millennia. However those who planned road map of development of post independence India did not take a cognizance of this adequately. Therefore, it becomes essential to re-enlighten the society to re-establish the connection between cow and human sustainability with adequate scientific support.
    With abundance of sunlight, the crops bear the fruits and seeds in the orient whereas a feeble growth occurs in the continent. Therefore, the vegetation in continent was never adequate to satisfy human hunger. Eating animals was, therefore, a compulsion in the West. The compulsion was propagated as culture. With intrusion of continentals over the globe, the illusory Western concept" Kill animals to fill human belly" became a style to copy. Needless to mention that copying seldom is thoughtful.
    With hardly three centuries of agriculture, the European and Americans are confronted with failures in agriculture, thus, these civilizations have no standing to teach and propagate performance of same quantum. The Indian agriculture has a standing of millennia. It is imperative to understand the scientific basis of these time-tested technologies .Agricultural practices, imitative of America and Europe were unsustainable and, therefore, have caused heavy damage and abuse of resources in India and have adversely changed related parameters in alarming dimension and quantum.

    Deolapar Go anusandhan Kedra

    Discovered panchgaya medicine for from Skin Diseases, Eczema, Psoriasis, GIT disorders, Obesity. Renal & Urinary system failures, Leucoderma, Cough & Cold, Diabetes, Cancer, Piles, Gynecological Diseases, Pediatrics, Arthritis, General Debility, Worm, Pruritis, neurological problems, Oedema Anasarca, Asthma Other Respiratory Diseases, Cardio-Vascular Diseases etc. since 1960
    In 16 year span , more than 50 thousands of the patients have been exceptionally benefitted through Panchgavya Ayurved Therapy.
    More than ten thousand (10,000) farmers, tribal, Gopalaks, vaidyas and doctors, Goshala-keepers have been benefitted through intensive training & coaching on various issues in last 16 years at Deolapar, Nagpur.

    Benefits of Center for Society

    Vision: Life is more than live & let live.

    Mission: To establish firm scientific basis of echo-friendly cow centred economics.

    Goal: To protect the human life with cow & its progeny as a focal point that sustains the eco processes & propagate harmony in the species including humans.

    Objective: To establish methods for successful organic farming. To prove effeciency of Ayurvedic preparation. To call for 100% cow & its progenies protection in the intrest of peaceful human existence.

    Indigenous Cow

  • History, development and status of Indigenous Cow
  • Superiority of Indian breed cow and its products
  • Efforts for cow protection
  • Cattle Breeds Of India
  • Superiority of milk and milk products of Indigenous breed
  • Dimension of Utility of cow and its progeny
  • Comparison between Indigenous and exotic cattle

  • Kamdenu Krishi

  • Introduction to cow based organic farming.
  • Difference between Chemical and Organic farming.
  • Krishi Products, their patents and researches
  • Workshops and Training Centre.
  • Success stories of cow based farming
  • Research projects.

  • Panchgavya Ayurved

  • Introduction of Panchagavya Ayurved
  • Panchagavya Centres, Ayurved Clinic & Hospitals
  • Production training centre.
  • Experience of patients suffering from various chronic diseases.
  • Research projects.
  • Drug Analysis of Panchgavya Ayurvedic medicines
  • Kamdhenu Products

  • Panchagavya ayurved products
  • Other utility products (dhoop, mosquito repellent etc)
  • Go Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Deolapar Nagpur have 6 patents.

  • US patent No 6410059- for Antibiotic Anti Fungul, Bio enhancer effect of Gomutra.
  • US Patent No. 6806907 - For Anti Allergic, Anti infective, Nutrient & Anti-cancer.
  • US Patent No. 7718360- For Anti Oxidant, Apoptosis.
  • US Patent No. 7235262- For cow urine distillate as a Bio-enhancer of Anti-infective, Anti-cancer agents & Nutrients
  • China Patent No. 100475221- For protecting and /or repairing DNA from oxidative damages.