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Interns in WARD are encouraged to select a topic on which they would like to focus. Current projects and programmes are indicated under Projects and Programmes. If you have a new idea you may also indicate the same in your application. Interns will be based at either our Hyderabad or Pune office and work closely with the team under the supervision of a senior staff member.

Application Procedure:

  • Complete the application form provided here
  • 2. Letter of intent and purpose
  • 3. Latest CV with relevant details especially of educational qualifications and work experience if any
  • 2 letters of reference
  • Possible interest areas
  • For international students add passport and visa details
  • Source of finances for supporting the programm
Wild life protection/conservation/rescue/treatment/rehabilitation of all the wildkinds(snakes,lizards,kites,owls,monkeys,leopards etc) of the city who are facing a situation of conflict with the humans.