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Counseling center

Students from the economically weak background and those from villages miss out on many opportunities in the absence of awareness about scholarships. A counseling centre has been started to guide bright students to avail these schemes that would help them realize their dream of studying in the best possible institutions of the world.
NGO WARD (Wild life Conservation and Agro- Rural Development) Foundation and International Veterinary Students' Association (India) have started this centre with the aim of helping bright students from poor families. The organizations will help the students with processes like international education, training, research, scholarships and fellowships, passport and visa, reference letter, competitive examinations and so on.
"Students from well-off families get admissions with the help of consultancy by paying high amount of money. They study abroad by offering their own tuition fees and living allowances. However, poor but scholarly students do not know the way as they can not offer consultancy fee," said president of IVSA's Indian chapter Mangesh Nakade.
He said his personal experience in countries like the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Holland, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and many European countries would also help the students. The two organizations have already tied up with many institutes and universities in the world. This facility would be started first in Vidarbha, mainly in Nagpur and Amravati region. This year, five students of Nagpur Veterinary College have been sent to USA for their higher education. Students who want help can contact