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Training & Technical Support

WARD offers training and technical support on animal health management natural resource management(medicinal and fodder plants, grasslands and grazing areas), research approaches and practices related to livestock care, strategies for livelihood enhancement in dry land areas with a focus on live stock development. Conducted by our team of veterinarians, botanists and trained community facilitators we also call eminent resource persons to enhance the effectiveness of the training. Our trainings are designed for livestock owners community and development workers, veterinarians and students of veterinary science. However we also encourage others interested in livestock or animal care to participate. The training programmes help develop a larger understanding of livestock and agricultural production systems from the diverse perspectives of peoples' livelihood, gender, class and community with sustainability an integral component. Our training programmes for Community based Animal Health Workers is the most appreciated and sought programme but we also offer other trainings that encourage the use of Indigenous Knowledge to build and strengthen biodiversity-based livelihoods. We also extend technical support to different organizations and groups which includes specific animal health management skills, efficient and optimum resources management, research techniques and practices, situation analysis, monitoring and evaluation, cost effective practices, strategies for livelihood enhancement in dry land areas with focus on live stock development. Support extended includes carrying out appraisals, impact studies, analytical studies, evaluations, participatory research and documentation of indigenous knowledge and the field testing of educational kits.