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Our Vision

The Objectives of C.A.R.E trust are the following :

  • To serve the entire Animal kingdom for existence.
  • To rescue, rehabilitate and provide better quality of life for the poor Animals.
  • To help those Animals in need of emergency care and treatment.
  • To preserve Wildlife in their natural environment, sanctuaries and forest habitats.
  • To work on tribal/nomadic rehabilitation in and around the man-animal conflict areas.
  • To perform free veterinary camps, mass vaccination and Animal birth control surgeries.
  • To protect those Animals under threat of extinction and poaching.
  • To promote Animal welfare awareness through humane education programs.
  • To eradicate Animal abuses, cruelties, experimentations and entertainments.
  • To prevent brutal killing of animals for parts, medicines, rituals, fashion, fun etc...
  • To conserve the natural forests, water bodies, wet lands and their fauna and flora.
  • To be eco friendly with the bio diversity and to make the environment pollution free.